Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a year it's been already!

This has been a pretty incredible year already. To start the year, we hosted the African Children's Choir, and it was such a blessing to us. Soon after that, on January 20, Jeff Booth was here for a Sunday evening worship service we call, "The Well". God was so cool that night. Already the groundwork of forgiveness and restoration was being laid for an event a few weeks away. The following week, January 27, our Children's Pastor, Faith Tyson, was healed. She had been experiencing pain in her knee, and it was so swollen that it was difficult to walk. As the prayers for her knee began, she FELT the swelling go away, and she has not had a problem with pain or swelling since that day! A week later was our Annual Church Business Meeting. Two of our board members, Shayne Murphy and Mike Saddler, decided not to accept a nomination for another term on the board, and were replaced on the board by Patrick Mason and Mike Schaaf, joining Dave Dohmen, Jeff Randell and Harry Lilienthal. Thank you for your dedicated service to Northridge Shayne and Mike, and welcome Patrick and Mike. (Later that day the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, which made me very happy) The next weekend was the Winter Wonder Women's Conference. Even though it was a women's conference, a bunch of us guys worked at the conference helping in the sound booth, the kitchen, or wherever the ladies needed us. The entire weekend was just incredible. Darrell and Sherri Beebe were our guest speakers. To try to describe their testimony would fall way short of how beautiful it really is. If you really wanna be blessed, go to our web site,, and go to the Winter Wonder 2008 page. Their messages are available there, as well as pdf reproductions of their testimony.

Take a deep breath and move on...

This weekend is our Mission Mexico Dinner Theater. All the money we raise this weekend will go towards a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico in July. A team of 21 youth and adults are going for 8 days of work and ministry with Missionaries Trent and Angie Mettenbrink. Thanks to all the people who planned this event and are participating in making it a huge success!

In every step we have taken this year, we have noticed God's hand of protection, direction, restoration, reconcilliation, and motivation. We serve a great God! As we are obedient, our hope of reaching our city for Christ increases.

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